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Inner Products

    Linko, independent brands from Etro. Linko products has always been known for its energy saving, high quality, strong compatibility, and high quality products. For its reasonable price, it has best-selling all over the world.

     Etro passed SGS international certification, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and the ISO14001 environmental mana-gement system certification.

    Linko represents the company's technology and wisdom, is Etro internal unity cooperation, focus on the result of the printing consumables industry. We have Continuous innovation and improvement, excellent quality and perfect service so that customer satisfaction has been controlled below one percent defective rate. Etro firmly believe that good quality of the products from the raw material of the best selection, strict production process control process will promote confidence of your choice.

  • Energy Efficiency And GPC

    Energy efficiency and environmental protection.Pollution-free, economize and energy-saving, make it has green environmental-protective quality.

  • High Qualit, and High Technology

    We will construct quality and taste and dedicate our products and services for customers, so the original and Compatibility is good.

  • From ZhuHai

    If you have interest, can use Google search "the city of romance" these four words, greeted us is a "zhuhai"and the world 60%~70% printing consumables are produced in Zhuhai.

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